Breast Cancer Ireland are extremely grateful to all our Sponsors for their support of this years event.
All funds now raised will go directly to assist our ongoing research and awareness efforts nationally.
Thank you!

Avonmore Slimline Milk

Avonmore Slimline milk is fat free enriched with iron, folic acid and vitamins C & D. We’ve added iron and vitamin C to help release energy throughout the day, increase your vitality and guard against fatigue. We have also added folic acid which can help contribute to a healthy pregnancy.

So unlike other skimmed milks, ours can put a spring in your step.


Phonovation has grown over the past 28 years to become Irelands largest interactive SMS and voice services company.


Aut Even Hospital

Aut Even Hospital is a seventy-one-bed elective, private hospital with an eighteen-bed day surgery unit. It has six x-flow, ultra-clean laminar flow operating theatres and a twin suite endoscopy unit. The Hospital offers 25 medical in-patient beds and 46 surgical in-patient beds, 80% of which are in private rooms.At Aut Even Hospital, we promise all of our patients access to expert Consultants and Medical staff who will be dedicated to their individual healthcare needs.


Naturally filtered through 200 metres of Ballyneety Co Limerick bedrock, Ishka water has a unique crispness, with a refreshing taste and character.


Great Pink Run 2019

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